Robert Kraft on new cornerback duo

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed excitement over the addition of free-agent cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, doing so with a humorous touch while speaking with reporters at the NFL's annual meeting Monday.

"Hopefully [Browner] and Revis will be a great combination," Kraft said. "Not that I'm telling Bill [Belichick] who to start."

Revis will obviously be locked into one starting spot and Kraft explained why his signing meant more to him than just adding a premier talent.

"When we used to cut players in the early years, no one would pick anyone up that we would cut. Now, when we cut players, they get picked up. But more importantly, here's a young man who had his choice of going to any team in the NFL he wanted, and he came to us. He could have gotten considerable more money going to other teams, but he still came to us," Kraft said.

"I think he knows we're committed to winning as an organization, I really believe his priority is trying to win."

As for Browner, who is suspended for the first four games of the season, Kraft was asked about his comfort level in signing him based on off-field questions.

"I think we've done a very good job in how we've vetted all people we're looking at," he said. "We're human beings. Life takes many twists and turns that none of us can fully appreciate. This wasn't an individual that was violent with women or doing things that I would personally find objectionable. And there's always two sides to a story. We're not going to be perfect. But given the information I had, and the transaction we did, I'm comfortable, and pretty positive about him joining us."