Tracy Porter receives mixed review

ORLANDO, Fla. -- It wasn’t a glowing endorsement. It wasn’t a rip job, either. Oakland coach Dennis Allen praised his former player, Tracy Porter. He also gave him a lukewarm report.

Porter, who signed with Washington in free agency, played for Allen at each stop of his first six seasons. So Allen liked Porter enough to bring him from New Orleans to Denver and then to the Raiders. But not enough to keep him from going to Washington.

“I thought Tracy played well at times; there were times where I thought he could have done more things for us,” Allen said. “But I go way back with Tracy. I’ve seen him grow up in this league. He still has good football left in him. He brings a top-notch cover corner in this league. He can cover.”

That comment certainly would be up for debate by some skeptics. But Raider insiders say Porter played as well as any of the team’s defensive backs. In Washington, Porter likely will be the slot corner (assuming David Amerson and DeAngelo Hall are the starters).

“He has the quickness to match up in the slot and he has the intelligence and knowledge to play in there,” Allen said. “He can react quickly to various situations, various plays, various formations. He has a good feel for the game. That’s what you have to have to play inside in the slot.”

Allen blames injuries for Porter’s inability to stick with a team in recent years. After a four-year stint in New Orleans, he played in Denver for a season and then the Raiders. He’s played every game in a season once (2013) and 12 games or less four times.

“The biggest hurdle for him has been durability,” Allen said. “That’s the biggest [reason] why he’s bounced around a little bit. But as far as being a guy who can play and cover, he can do that.”

The Redskins hope that’s indeed the case. Otherwise, they'll need to address this position in 2015, too.