Handling punting and kicking a tough task

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee's eventual goal is to add field goals and extra point duties to his current punting and kickoff role.

You can’t knock McAfee for attempting to be Mr. Do Everything, but Colts coach Chuck Pagano thinks it’ll be difficult for McAfee to accomplish the feat.

“Having one guy do it?,” Pagano said. “I think it’d be hard.”

McAfee kicks field goals in practice once a week, usually on Thursday’s, so that 41-year-old kicker Adam Vinatieri can rest his leg. McAfee said after signing his new contract earlier this month that he would like a shot at handling kicking duties once Vinatieri retires.

The Colts could use McAfee as their kicker during a game if Vinatieri suffered an injury.

“He’s a talented guy and a versatile guy,” Pagano said. “He does a great job with kickoffs and punting the football for us. He’s got, I guess he calls it his boomstick. He’s got a big leg. ... If needed, we have a guy there we feel comfortable throwing out there.”