Carroll talks on maintaining success

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who spoke with reporters Wednesday during the final day of the NFL owners meetings, had a lot to say about how difficult it is for a Super Bowl winner to continue to perform at that level.

"It's really hard to get there and it's really hard to maintain it," Carroll said. "The challenge of sustaining is greater. It's been demonstrated that teams can get there, but for the most part, they can't stay there.

"There's all these natural things that happen to a team. There is attrition and expectations, all those things that make it very difficult."

The Seahawks certainly have seen some of that this month in losing seven players to free agency. They also released three veteran players to make salary-cap room for others they wanted to keep.

Losing players was not unexpected, but Carroll said the goal going forward is keeping the same attitude that led to a championship.

"The most important thing that will happen is if we can recapture the work ethic that made us what we are," Carroll said. "Nothing else really matters."