Britt addition shouldn't change draft plans

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams agreed to terms with wide receiver Kenny Britt on a one-year deal Monday evening in an attempt to bolster a position that could use the help.

Whether the Rams had any interest in using one of their top picks (Nos. 2 and 13) in May's NFL draft on a wide receiver, Britt's signing should have no bearing on those plans.

First and foremost, Britt's contract is the definition of a one-year "prove it" deal. The idea is to get him into St. Louis and give him a chance to resurrect a once promising career. But the Rams aren't counting on him to take over and magically be the No. 1 receiver they have long lacked. To do so would be awfully short-sighted, and the fact that his contract is only a year and heavy on incentives should indicate that the Rams are simply taking a chance on a player who has flashed ability in the past.

This isn't like signing a DeSean Jackson or Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson to a multi-year mega-contract. Those are the types of contracts that can significantly change draft ideas.

Teams that are able to win consistently look beyond the next year and plan for the next four or five years. It's hard to see how the Rams can do anything but look solely at this spring and this training camp with Britt. If he hits and it works out, great, but that won't be determined until well after the draft.

Maybe the more interesting takeaway from Britt's signing is that the Rams are at least acknowledging the need for help at a position that coach Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have indicated multiple times they have confidence in. If that is the case, perhaps they actually are curious about adding more help at receiver in the draft.

It's also possible the Rams wouldn't have added any receivers if it wasn't for the availability of a player Fisher knew well and believed in. Either way, the Rams still don't have a receiver who has ever posted more than 775 receiving yards in a season.

Since the Rams aren't going to reveal what their draft plans are, there is no way of knowing how they view the possibility of taking a wideout. But it's probably a safe bet that signing Britt won't make a difference one way or the other.