Redskins update on DeSean Jackson

Free agent receiver DeSean Jackson left Redskins Park without a contract. But the key is whether he leaves the area without one.

Jackson left the facility about 3 p.m. ET Tuesday, but he remained in town until at least early evening. His agent, Joel Segal, was in the Washington area Tuesday and was supposed to at least be talking to Redskins officials.

One Redskins source said coach Jay Gruden really wants to land Jackson, and that the former Eagles wideout wants to be in Washington. However, the money clearly was not yet right as of early evening. One Redskins source, who spoke with Jackson this week and knew his desire to come here, said he was optimistic, “but the money has to be right.”

The team is optimistic a deal can get done, but according to a source there is a fear that if he leaves they could lose him.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that San Francisco was interested in Jackson, though guarded in that desire. But the 49ers only have about $4 million left in salary-cap space -- about $2 million less than Washington. Oakland reportedly is interested, though not willing to spend big money; they are about $15 million under the cap. If Al Davis were still in charge, Jackson, who played at Cal, might be back in the Bay Area by now.

There is a perception that Jackson wants a big deal, but the question will be: Can he get it? If teams want him, but only at their price, then that could cause Jackson to take a lesser deal than originally desired. That might mean even if he leaves Washington without a deal, it could still end up being the best one. This is a fluid situation that requires patience.