Quick Take: Bills 24, Raiders 23

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We will see what Al Davis really wants to with Lane Kiffin in the coming days. If Davis wants to take his twisting-in-the-wind head coach and fire him, this is a perfect situation.

The Raiders blew a fourth-quarter lead today and lost in Buffalo. Oakland is 1-2 heading into its home game, against San Diego next week and then the Raiders have a bye.

There were rampant reports prior to Oakland's Week 2 win at Kansas City that Kiffin was likely going to be fired, win or lose. Now, after a loss, and a bad loss at that, Davis could very well fire his coach.

However, supporters of Kiffin can counter by saying that he has kept his team together during the turbulent time and that the Raiders, who were horrible in the season opener, are making progress. The Buffalo team Oakland handled for much of the game is no joke.

Maybe Kiffin is making progress here? Which way will Davis decide to go? Will he take advantage of the timing of a blown loss and fire Kiffin or will he be impressed by the strides the team is making?

Here is one thing Davis likely won't like: Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell threw the ball just three times in the second half. Davis is not going to like that conservative use of his young quarterback.