Colts-Ravens halftime notes

BALTIMORE -- The Indianapolis Colts lead the Ravens, 14-12, at intermission.

Here are some halftime observations:

  • Despite trailing, Baltimore has turned this into a Ravens type of game. Baltimore is forcing turnovers and shortening the game by pounding the football. Keeping it close doesn't put as much pressure on the Ravens' offense to air it out. It’s apparent early that Baltimore's goal is to limit Peyton Manning's possessions.

  • Yes, the Ravens have struggled against the pass this season. But safety Dawan Landry is making big plays as of late. Landry got his second interception in as many weeks to set up a field goal by the Ravens. Landry got a pick-six against the Cleveland Browns last week.

  • I’m a little surprised by some of Manning's poor decisions in the first half. Manning usually dominates Baltimore. But the Ravens have confused him on some coverages in the first half, making the Colts Pro Bowl quarterback either throw the ball away or throw an interception. There were also a couple of instances where Manning also was forced to use timeouts because he didn’t like what he saw at the line of scrimmage.

  • Here is something I’ve never seen before: Ravens coach John Harbaugh challenged a catch by Colts receiver Reggie Wayne in the second quarter. After throwing the flag, Harbaugh watched the scoreboard and noticed Wayne got his feet in bounds. So the Ravens coach takes his flag back and rescinds his challenge. Interesting.