A St. Louis Rams reality show?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- While speaking at the Associated Press Sports Editors meetings in New York on Thursday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it known that "several" teams have expressed interest in appearing on the HBO reality show "Hard Knocks" in 2014.

“There are several clubs that are interested in doing this," Goodell said according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "I just don’t have an update on which club, whether it’s going to be a volunteer or if it’s somebody who is going to have to fulfill the obligation. But I’m sure that decision will be made pretty soon.”

Goodell declined to name the teams that have expressed interest but it's a safe bet the St. Louis Rams aren't one of them. Coach Jeff Fisher has scoffed at the idea of welcoming the circus that goes with the popular training camp reality show in the past and it's unlikely he's changed his mind anytime recently.

From the Rams' perspective, it's probably a good thing if there are indeed teams seeking the opportunity to appear on the show. That's because new league rules which allow the NFL to force teams to appear have pigeonholed the Rams as one of eight teams "eligible" to be selected.

In October, the league set up guidelines that must be met for it to require a team to participate. Those rules allow teams who made the playoffs the previous two seasons, hired a new head coach or appeared on the show in the past decade to opt out of the show. That leaves just eight teams who could theoretically be forced to appear on the show.

The Rams are one of those eight teams, joined on the list by Chicago, Buffalo, Arizona, the New York Giants, Jacksonville, Oakland and Pittsburgh. Goodell went on to say there has been plenty of pushback to the new rules from teams but he hopes all teams can contribute to the project at some point.

From a pure entertainment standpoint, the Rams would be an interesting watch so long as they didn't hold back. The defensive line alone would provide plenty of reason to watch.

Alas, it seems unlikely the league chooses St. Louis with some other, perhaps more interesting options on the list, especially if there are other teams actually willing to take on the project.