Rapid Reaction: Chargers 32, Broncos 3

DENVER -- Officially, the AFC West race is not over.

The last month has showed us anything can happen.

But the firm grip Denver seemed to have on the division a month ago is gone and San Diego is now in control.

The Chargers are 7-3 and have won five straight games. Denver is now 6-4 after losing four straight games and stumbling after a 6-0 start.

It’s incredible to think that Denver was up 3.5 games after it beat San Diego 34-23 on "Monday Night Football" on Oct. 19.

Since then, the Chargers have caught fire and become the complete team everyone expected them to be. Since then, Denver has fallen apart and become the tattered mess everyone expected them to be.

The Chargers completely controlled Denver on Sunday. It was no contest.

There is still six games remaining in the season. A lot can happen. But the Chargers appear to be the better team.