Trading up an option but more picks is goal

TEMPE, Ariz. -- It would take the right player in the right situation, but the Arizona Cardinals are open to trading up from 20th in next week's NFL draft.

"There are a few scenarios that we have talked about that we would consider moving up in the right circumstance," Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said Thursday during a pre-draft press conference. "But for the most part, I think our philosophy would be to acquire more picks and move back.

"We do think it's deep enough where I really do think that you are going to get third-round players in the fourth and fifth round, guys who can come in and be immediate impact players for you. I think, when it's all said done, you want to acquire more picks."

The Cardinals have a list of 20 players atop their 120-player draft board that they think will fit their roster better than the next 100. If a trade happens, it'll certainly mean the Cards are moving up to grab one of those 20 before another team does.

As of Thursday, Arizona has six picks in the draft, one in each round except the seventh. Keim is open to entertaining trade possibilities as he was last year, but he understands "it takes two teams to tango." In 2013, the Cardinals acquired two additional picks during the draft which produced guard Earl Watford in the fourth round and running back Andre Ellington in the sixth. Both players either contributed last year or will this coming season.

"I think through acquiring more picks, it gives you a better chance to hit on players," Keim said. "It's just simple mathematics so that would be the goal."

But the Cardinals won't just trade down for the sake of stockpiling picks. If the Cardinals find themselves not wanting any of the players they could've chosen had they traded back, it's not worth moving, head coach Bruce Arians said.

If Arizona moves back six spots, for example, Keim wants to make sure there are six other options on the Cards' 120-player board that the team either likes enough to draft or has a similar value to the player Arizona would miss out on by drafting down.

"That's the one thing you really have to drive home with the room is, ‘Guys, we may miss out on this player, but here are the five or six guys that could be in contention,'" Keim said. "As long as you're OK with those players and they fit what you do, I think trading back makes sense."