Draft is different game for Chiefs this year

The Kansas City Chiefs had to wait for no one during last year's NFL draft. They had the first overall choice and their selection of all available players before they opted for Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

So the draft is a different game for general manager John Dorsey and the Chiefs this year. They will have to sit by idly for a few hours and 22 picks this year before they get their chance to select a player, assuming they don't move in the first round.

The Chiefs, after setting their draft board, are adjusting to the difference of having the 23rd overall pick.

"There's a degree of patience [required]," Dorsey said. "Sometimes you have to let it come to you. If it comes to you, good things may happen."

None of that is to say fists won't pound the table in frustration in the Chiefs' draft room as coveted players are selected before Kansas City gets its chance. That, too, is part of a different reality this year.

"There are a lot of them up there I'm salivating over," Dorsey said. "If they were there at 23, I'd say, 'OK, I'll get those.'"

As it is, the Chiefs won't be able to count on any specific players being available to them. They'll have to be content to predict on a group of players who will likely be available to them and narrow it from there.

"We're in the final preparation plans of putting this thing together," Dorsey said. "Now kind of what you do is begin to play the hypothetical games.

You begin to narrow your choices down. I think there's certain pocket there .... You can narrow it down to about four that you think [will be available]. But it's so hard to predict when you're sitting in the back there in the 20s and 30s, who's going to fall to you because so many different scenarios can occur."

Dorsey indicated the Chiefs have between 150 and 175 players on their draft board. That's about the same number as last year even though the draft is generally acknowledged to be much deeper than last year's.

"Quality over quantity," he said. "That's kind of the way it should be."