Manziel to Browns in NFL Nation mock

Yes, I did it.

I didn't want to do it.

I didn't like doing it.

I hope they don't do it.

But ESPN held a mock draft Tuesday with the writers from all 32 NFL teams, and I had to make the pick at No. 4 I did not want to make.

In ESPN's mock, the first three picks were Jadeveon Clowney to Buffalo after a shocking trade with Houston, Greg Robinson to St. Louis and Khalil Mack to Jacksonville.

That leaves the Browns staring at wide receiver Sammy Watkins, offensive lineman Jake Matthews and quarterback Johnny Manziel.

I predicted they would take Manziel.

Not because it's what I want them to do. I want them to take Watkins, put him opposite Josh Gordon and select a quarterback later. But I don't think the Browns will pass on Manziel. I believe they like him, and I believe they will take him.

I believe they like Matthews a little more than Watkins, because I believe they believe they can get a receiver later in the draft. But I don't believe they will pass on the most important position when a guy they like is there.

It's not my preferred pick, but I believe if he's there at No. 4 that Johnny Football will become Johnny Cleveland.

Now it's time for your feelings. Please weigh in on the poll on this page:

Should the Cleveland Browns draft Johnny Manziel? Don't consider who is left, or taken already.

Just answer the question with a simply yes or no.

The best comments might make a future post when results are posted.