Peterson in line to top Sherman's deal

Even though it was cloudy Wednesday in Arizona, there was a mirage on the horizon. It was raining, dollar bills. Soon enough that won't be a figment of Patrick Peterson's imagination.

News spread quickly that the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks inked talented cornerback Richard Sherman to a four-year extension worth $57.4 million including $40 million guaranteed. Sherman's deal doesn't just mean that Cardinals fans will be seeing him twice a season through 2018. Peterson's extension will build off what Sherman's contract.

If there's a so-called arms race going on around the NFC West, it just reached a new level.

Sherman, who entered the league the same year as Peterson but five rounds later, became the highest paid cornerback in the league Tuesday with a resume that includes two All-Pro nods and one Pro Bowl selection, in addition to helping the Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII in February.

But based simply on individual success and accolades, Peterson is in line for a bigger extension -- if he decides to stay in Arizona. Peterson has been a three-time Pro Bowl selection and has two All-Pro nods.

The differences between Peterson and Sherman have been dissected for a couple years. Sherman tends to play on one side of the field while Peterson matches up against his opponent's best receiver, shadowing him across the field. Peterson also returns punts and has played on offense.

Ask any of the experts to rank the best corners in the NFL and depending on their personal preference for playing style, the top spot usually alternates between Peterson and Sherman.

Which leads to this question: How much is Peterson worth?

If Sherman got $57.4 million and a higher premium was put on Peterson coming out of the draft -- a premium that he's lived up to -- Peterson's extension may command upward of $65 million.

The race to keep the two best corners in the game happy just got pretty expensive