Power Rankings: Patriots at No. 4

ESPN.com has released its post-draft power rankings and the New England Patriots land in the No. 4 spot. The Seahawks, Broncos and 49ers are the teams to rank ahead of New England.

"Why did the Patriots take three linemen? Tom Brady had the highest sack percentage since his rookie year despite having the eighth-lowest average time in the pocket of 37 qualified quarterbacks," ESPN's Stats & Information notes as part of the power rankings.

I looked a bit closer at the voting breakdown and noticed that four of the six voters all had the Patriots fourth, one voter had them third, and the final voter ranked the team seventh.

One of the takeaways from looking at the power rankings is that while the Patriots might not have targeted immediate impact from the majority of its draft class, it didn't seem to hurt them from a perception standpoint nationally. The team was viewed as a contender even before the draft.