Browns drop like anvil in Power Rankings

Johnny Manziel should be an upgrade to the Cleveland Browns and make them better immediately.


Wrong, according to the voters in the ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings.

These six -- names withheld here to protect the guilty, but they’re available at the bottom of the poll -- are decidedly unimpressed with the Browns. They are so unimpressed, in fact, that they rank the Browns 32nd in a 32-team league.

Which, of course, would be last.

Holy Johnny Football, Batman, who put the dog biscuits in their coffee?

The Browns actually dropped four spots since the last poll. And they dropped below Oakland, Jacksonville and Minnesota, all of whom took quarterbacks in the draft, but none of whom took Mr. Football.

Buffalo, which gave up a first-round pick in 2015 and has uncertainty at quarterback, is 27th. Washington is ahead of the Browns. The way this is going the Browns are being pushed by Wittenberg University.

The only thing I’ll say about the individual votes is that Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley ranked the Browns the highest of the six, though it was 29. The other five voters had the Browns in the 30s, with Ashley Fox and Kevin Seifert putting them dead last.

If Mike Pettine believes in these silly motivational things to inspire players, he might wish to clip and paste this poll and place it on the Browns' bulletin board.

The Browns ... 32nd ... hrrmph.