Mike Sando's MVP Watch

Brett Favre assumes the top spot on the MVP Watch list after turning a good team into a championship-caliber one.

The Vikings are 9-1 and gaining momentum.

Favre has matched Peyton Manning with 21 touchdown passes, one off Drew Brees' league-leading total. Favre has six fewer interceptions than Manning or Brees while joining them among an elite list of quarterbacks averaging at least 8 yards per pass attempt.

Favre's ascension into the top spot after Week 11 sent me back through comments from the Sept. 23 edition -- the first one featuring Favre in any capacity (he was then eighth).

"Are you kidding me, take Favre off the list!" vman112012 wrote. "What has he done so far to warrant any mentioning? Adrian Peterson is the one carrying that offense."

The point had some merit and vman112012 was not alone.

"This love affair with Favre is absolutely out of control," Sphinn wrote. "Hey ESPN, the '90s have been over for almost a decade!"

Right. As if I automatically fell in love with Favre upon joining ESPN a couple of years ago. Hey, I was the guy who thought the Vikings were selling their souls for a washed-up quarterback. Favre, after all, had thrown more touchdowns than interceptions just once in his four most recent seasons.

"When he leads a fourth-quarter come back drive to win the game," xpollolocox wrote, "then we can say he got them that one extra win that makes them better than last year."

Four days later, Favre threw the winning touchdown pass against the 49ers in the final seconds, the most spectacular play by a quarterback this season.

The legend was reborn at age 39, and now 40. He has only gained momentum in the subsequent weeks. No full-time quarterback in the league can match his passer rating (112.1).

When Rams safety Oshiomogho Atogwe rated the Vikings over the Colts and Saints among teams he had faced, I asked him for his MVP vote.

"Right now, I would have to give it to Brett Favre just because the Minnesota Vikings were not a clear-cut contender for the Super Bowl last year," Atogwe said. "They are now, and I think that largely has to do with the arrival of Brett Favre and him really being able to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers. He is also doing a great job taking care of the football."