Kiffin watch still on

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The latest on the Lane Kiffin situation in Oakland?

More of the same. The wait continues.

The word from Oakland is that Kiffin was in the Raiders building this morning and he was meeting with his staff. There is no official word on his firing. Yet.

But this is a minute-to-minute situation.

If Kiffin does get fired this week, he will go down as the second worst coach in recent Oakland history, in terms of wins and losses. From the fine ESPN research department, here is a look at the coaches with the worst winning percentage in Oakland since the AFL-NFL merger.

Still, Kiffin's team has made progress in the past two weeks despite the firestorm involving him. The Raiders are playing hard for him and Kiffin has strong fan support in Oakland.
All that matters, though, is when Oakland owner Al Davis decides if and when to make a coaching move.