Glennon happy with future

TAMPA, Fla. -- There was speculation that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to draft quarterback Johnny Manziel. There were rumors they were going to trade Mike Glennon.

Through it all, one guy had peace of mind. That was Glennon. He had a pipeline straight to the truth, straight to coach Lovie Smith.

"As all that stuff was going on Lovie called me twice to tell me that wasn't the case," Glennon said Tuesday. "That he didn't know where it was coming from. He was very open with me, very open and honest about how he feels now and how he feels going forward."

To the general public it seemed like Smith, his coaching staff and new general manager Jason Licht all were down on Glennon, who started 13 games as a rookie last season. As soon as free agency started, the Bucs went out and signed veteran Josh McCown, who had history with Smith because they were together with the Chicago Bears.

Glennon appeared to be hanging in limbo. But on the first night of the draft, Smith emphatically said Glennon was his quarterback of the future when asked why he didn't draft Manziel. Smith's proclamation was news to the rest of the world, but not to Glennon.

"It was communicated a while ago both with Lovie and Jason," Glennon said. "We sat down and they discussed what the plans were for Josh moving forward and they told me this all along, that I was their guy moving forward. Right now, it's a different situation with Josh here, but they told me this for a while now, that this was the plan, this is what's going to happen and I'm looking forward to this season still competing and helping the team in any way I can and just following their lead."

Glennon said he appreciates the open communication from Smith and Licht and feels good about his future.

"Yeah, it feels good," Glennon said. "But at the same time, I've known this. It's been communicated to me and they've backed it up with everything that's happened."

Glennon said the dynamic with McCown has worked out well so far and that he's learning from the veteran.

"He's just so far advanced in his knowledge," Glennon said. "He's been around the game. I can compare notes and he offers a lot of advice that not a lot of guys know. He's really like another coach out there for me and a coach that's been through this for a long time now and he offers a lot of advice and he genuinely wants to help me, and that's what's great about him."