Brees on Cooks, home runs and more

METAIRIE, La. -- The local media caught up with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for the first time this offseason on Wednesday night during teammate Ben Grubbs’ charity softball game.

Click here for Brees’ thoughts on going through the offseason without tight end Jimmy Graham. And click here for his explanation of why he’s taken such a passionate stance against the proposed workers compensation bill in Louisiana.

Here are a few other topics Brees discussed:

On how fired up he is for OTAs next week: “Really excited. Hey, we’ve been working out in the weight room long enough. Now it’s time to get to some actual football. Looking forward to just kind of diving back into the playbook and getting on the field and seeing some of these young guys and how they’ve developed in the offseason. We’ve been able to spend some time together, throwing around and just kind of talking through concepts and scenarios and situations. And this is what helps prepare you for training camp and then into the season. Looking forward to when [rookie receiver] Brandin Cooks can be here – I know he’s got some school to finish up first. But yeah, just excited for another start.”

On adding Cooks, especially after losing weapons like Darren Sproles and Lance Moore this offseason: “Yeah, it’s awesome. I mean, we traded up to get this guy. So that tells me a lot about how we feel about this guy. Not only his talent and his skill set, but also just the type of guy he is. From all accounts, he’s just a phenomenal person, a great teammate, extremely hard, tough work ethic, and just a character guy. Fits in perfect in our locker room and loves football. We love those guys.”

On beating defensive end Tyrunn Walker on Wednesday to reclaim the home run derby title after losing out to backup quarterback Luke McCown last year: “It’s good. It’s good that it came home. It stays within the quarterback group, which is good. I think we have four or five in a row at this point. I know this, Luke McCown has his trophy from last year literally right above his locker. I stared at it every day, and it just ate at me. And I said as soon as we get this opportunity again to settle the score, I’m going to reclaim it. So now I’m gonna set mine next to his. And I think this year’s trophy is a little bigger, so it’s gonna stand a little bit taller than his.”