RG III: We will have definite mismatches

All three can help the Washington Redskins, forming a group that could be one of the NFL's most dangerous. All three also want the ball. The trick for the Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III is making sure that happens -- and keeping them happy.

It's a good thing for any team to have receivers such as Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts. Throw in tight end Jordan Reed and that's four legitimate targets. But that's also four players who want action. Garcon set a franchise record a year ago; Jackson established career bests and Roberts signed here thinking he'd be the No. 2 receiver.

All of that means Griffin must act like an NBA point guard, distributing the ball and keeping guys happy. It's not easy. But there's a way to make it work; it involves something the Redskins did a lot when he was a rookie and very little a year ago.

"As long as you win everyone's happy," Griffin said last month. "That's what it comes down to. Everyone understands that not everyone will catch 100 balls. That's the way it goes unless we throw a ton, which is possible. And [Alfred Morris is] a great running back. And not everyone will catch as many touchdowns as they like."

Griffin then emphasized his main point, tapping the table and slowing his delivery.

"But if we win, everyone will be happy," he said.

For now, the spring workouts give the Redskins a chance to see how it might fit during the season. They can dream of the possibilities with Garcon, Jackson and Roberts -- with Reed possibly being one of the leading pass-catchers on the team.

"I'm eager to see how we mesh together," Griffin said. "That's exciting for a quarterback. We can work matchups. We will have definite mismatches and then it will be good to distribute the ball around."

What excites Griffin, and the Redskins, is the variety of routes that can be run by these four targets in particular. Roberts can play both the slot or outside; Jackson can run routes out of the backfield, wide or in tight. Garcon excels on bubble screens because of his ability to break tackles and on intermediate routes.

Both Garcon and Jackson are threats on underneath crossing routes.

"All those guys can run," Griffin said. "None of them are limited to routes. It's not a limited route tree, which is exciting for a quarterback and exciting for an offensive coordinator calling plays. Now you know I can put these guys in any position and they can all run the routes."