Josh Gordon takes risks with his career

It has reached the point where any time Josh Gordon's name is mentioned in this offseason it’s not good.

The fact that Gordon received his third speeding violation in a year during the Memorial Day weekend -- why didn’t he just go to Vegas?? -- is troubling because it indicates a pattern. Three times, once going 98 on a highway, is two too many.

But the fact that a passenger in Gordon’s car had a small amount of marijuana is more troubling. Because it happened with Gordon facing a one-year ban for another positive drug test.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported that the policeman who stopped Gordon smelled pot, which would kind of indicate that Gordon was well aware what his friend was carrying.

Marijuana may be legal in some states and decriminalized in others. But Gordon knows the NFL does not allow its use, yet he keeps putting himself in these positions.

The fact that this happened seems to indicate one of three things, or any combination of the three: Gordon has a serious issue with pot and can’t quit, he’s hanging around the wrong people, or he is well aware he’s going to be suspended and really doesn’t care what he does.

It may be dramatizing things a bit, but we well could be watching the slow disintegration of what should be a great NFL career.