Ben Tate: Give Johnny Manziel a break

Not everyone is into the Johnny Manziel hype machine.

Among them is one of Manziel’s teammates.

Cleveland Browns running back Ben Tate said during the weekend that too much is being made of Manziel, that folks -- and the media -- should wait until Manziel actually does something in the NFL before following him so closely.

"He had success early in his career when he was at (Texas) A&M," Tate told reporters during the weekend at the NFL Players Association Rookie Premier. “He won the Heisman or whatever, but there are lots of people that have won the Heisman. I mean, Mark Ingram won the Heisman, and I don’t see everyone all excited when he got to the league.”

Have to appreciate the wording. The Heisman, or whatever.

Tate went as far as to say the Browns are Brian Hoyer's team.

“The guy has been there,” Tate said. “The guys know him, are comfortable with him."

Tate added that there are other players in the league who are friends with LeBron James and Drake, and Manziel has to be tired of being followed.

“(The media) just covers him so much,” Tate said. “I’m sure he’s got to be tired of it.”

Tate has a point. Manziel has yet to throw a pass, much less start a game. But he is the subject of constant headlines.

When and if that ends is up for debate. On the same morning the stories were published with Tate’s remarks, TMZ had video of Manziel going in and out of a Hollywood club during the same weekend.

It may not always be explainable, but right now it’s life with Johnny.