Rodgers' attendance record sets the bar

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Aaron Rodgers will be at the Green Bay Packers' three-day minicamp that begins today.

And not just because it's mandatory.

The quarterback, he of the near-perfect attendance record in coach Mike McCarthy's voluntary offseason workout program, believes in spending as much time as possible in the offseason with his coaches and teammates regardless of requirements for workout bonuses.

Rodgers is one of 21 players on the Packers’ roster who have financial reasons for attending the offseason program.

"I was here when I wasn't getting paid in the offseason," Rodgers said during an interview Monday on the eve of minicamp. "I was a 90-plus percent offseason guy. This is such an important time, I think. This is when you can really get to know your teammates because it's a more relaxed atmosphere. There's no pressure on what we're doing. You have a lot more time and a lot more energy so that when you're done here today, you can go spend time with your teammates, you can go hang out.

"So this time of the year can start to build that chemistry with your teammates, and I've always found that's really important to success for a team."

Rodgers does not see that changing, even at a time when he keeps getting older yet many of his teammates stay the same age as the Packers' roster turns over.

Rodgers came to the Packers in 2005 at a time when his predecessor, Brett Favre, had few teammates who were close to his age. Rodgers was closer in age to Favre's oldest daughter than he was to Favre. Now, with Rodgers reaching his 30s, he admitted he may have to start working harder to connect with his much younger teammates.

"I think you have to be intentional about it," Rodgers said. "I mean, I enjoy it. I enjoy spending time with the guys, whether it's golf or bowling or just lunch or dinner or a movie or something. We enjoy spending time together and Mike fosters that environment with our training camp and our offseason schedule. We do a lot of fun stuff together."

It's why McCarthy might take one day this week – most likely Wednesday, when practice is scheduled to be closed to the public – to take his coaches and players on an annual team-building exercise that has nothing to do with football.

Minicamp schedule:


11:30 a.m. practice, Ray Nitschke Field

Open to the public, weather permitting


11:30 a.m. practice, Ray Nitschke Field

Not open to the public


11:30 a.m. practice, Ray Nitschke Field

Open to the public, weather permitting