Convicted felon paid Gordon's bond

After his arrest for DWI early Saturday morning, Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon was freed on bond, which was paid -- according to Raleigh TV station WNCN -- by a gentleman named Haydn “Fats” Thomas.

Thomas is a convicted felon who is serving a suspended sentence on gun and drug charges in Durham, N.C. He also is the gentleman who rented the many cars driven by former North Carolina basketball player P.J. Hairston; those “extra benefit” rentals eventually led to Hairston being dismissed by the Tar Heels.

A brief internet search reveals all kinds of information on Thomas, who is close enough to Gordon to post his bond:

  • The Raleigh News and Observer reports that Thomas has three corporations under different names in North Carolina. One of them is with Spencer B. Howard, a UNC graduate and dentist. That company is Kairobi Exotic Rentals and Transport, Inc., a car rental company in the suite next to Howard’s oral surgery center.

  • When Hairston and two others were arrested in June for misdemeanor marijuana possession, Thomas told USA Today he rented the car Hairston drove, and let Hairston drive it. Thomas said he got it from Hertz and paid $1,261 for three days.

  • The police report said the car had 43.2 grams of pot, a 9mm handgun, and a magazine with nine rounds of ammunition. Thomas said none of it was his.

  • In November Thomas was sentenced for possession and intent to sell a controlled substance (12 grams of marijuana), maintaining a dwelling used for keeping or selling a controlled substance, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He received a three-year suspended prison term in lieu of probation.

  • Thomas originally was convicted in 2006 to a felony charge of accessing computers to create counterfeit checks to obtain property and services worth more than $1,000. Thomas also tried use a stolen MasterCard.