Eagles' 2013 season: snow bowl

Training camp is more than two weeks away and the thermometer is starting to eclipse 90 degrees.

It won't be long before the games are extra-meaningful and snow will be on the ground.

Why not take a few minutes and reflect on one of the most scintillating games during the Philadelphia Eagles' 2013 season?

The Snow Bowl.

On Dec. 8, 2013, more than eight inches of snow dropped and the Eagles ran all over the Detroit Lions in a 34-20 victory at Lincoln Financial Field.

Philadelphiaeagles.com provided an in-depth look at this memorable game with reaction from a plethora of players.

Here's a sampling:

Left guard Evan Mathis: "My first impression in warm-ups was that it's really coming down. We're out there warming up, trying to see how to get our footing and that's when it was not that bad in warm-ups. But the snow kept falling down. The snow kept getting thicker and thicker and we didn't know if they were going to shovel the whole field or just shovel the lines."

Tight end Brent Celek: "For it to just, in pre-game, start snowing the way it did. That was some of the hardest snow I've ever seen and I've been around a lot of snow. It just kept coming and coming and coming and coming. And how fast it was accumulating on the field, all they could do was just brush off the lines. But the difference between running where the lines were and where the other stuff was. I mean, you had to kick the snow out of the way just to get lined up. It was crazy."

Linebacker Connor Barwin: "We said that from the beginning. We were out there before the game and we said, 'Let's make this a special one.' You're always going to remember this game because of the weather, so let's make sure we remember it being a win."

Cornerback Cary Williams, on the first half: "I couldn't see (Lions quarterback Matthew) Stafford. You couldn't see him at all. You just kind of hope that you're close to the receivers when he throws the ball … I missed a tackle because I wasn't able to see the guy. The snow was in my face and I just naturally kind of panicked because there's water rushing in your nose."

Running back LeSean McCoy, on the second half: "I've actually played all of my football in Pennsylvania, and this is the worst game that I've ever played in weather-wise. It's my best game too."