Panic Button: Rams' QB situation

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams' quarterback dilemma fits squarely into our look at "panic-button" situations around the league.

Benching Marc Bulger after only three games in a new offense is a panic move all the way. Three games simply wasn't enough time for Bulger to get comfortable, particularly after taking 10 sacks in the first two games and more sacks since 2003 than any NFL quarterback. Bulger had become gun-shy and that was clear in how he played during a 37-13 defeat at Seattle in Week 3. But is Trent Green really the answer at age 38 and after all those concussions?

Coach Scott Linehan needed to shake up this team. He needed to demonstrate change to an increasingly skeptical owner and fan base. He needed to make bold moves to keep his job and have any chance at changing whatever dynamics might be contributing to lackluster efforts.

Linehan on Monday: "Something's vanishing from our competitive state of mind on the field and I take total responsibility for that, trying to find out what it is, what buttons we need to push, what lineups that can get it done."

The Rams decided what button to push, all right. They chose the panic button and that was understandable given all that has gone wrong. In Green, they have a 38-year-old quarterback with a recent history of concussions. Pushing the panic button doesn't necessarily make the panic go away. This move won't stop the unbeaten Bills from visiting St. Louis on Sunday.