RG III report: First pick, finding chemistry

RICHMOND, VA. -- Quarterback Robert Griffin III (and the offense) was down one day, up the next and mixed Saturday. He connected with DeSean Jackson on a deep ball, then had a miscommunication with Jackson that resulted in a pick-six for corner DeAngelo Hall. It also was Griffin's first interception of camp.

On the interception, the Redskins expected one defensive look but instead got more of a cover-2 shell. They corrected the issue afterward, but it led to a big play from Hall first when he was in the flat and close to Jackson and simply stepped in front. Next time, Jackson will not stop his route and instead will keep working inside. By stopping his route, it enabled Hall, on the outside, to quickly step in front. Griffin had a sloppy day Thursday, but had not thrown a pick. And Friday he avoided danger with accurate throws away from danger.

On the long one from Griffin to Jackson, Griffin ran a boot to the right and hit Jackson deep. Yes, Jackson beat undrafted rookie Courtney Bridget, so take that into consideration. But Jackson is getting deep on a lot of guys.

Meanwhile, much is being made of receiver Andre Roberts and Griffin’s chemistry. Thus far, it’s legit. Some of it is a function of the routes Roberts ends up running, but it’s more than just that. They connected a couple times again Saturday. On one, the defense sent two blitzers from the left side. With Roberts in the slot to the right, it was a good read by both he and Griffin. The quarterback quickly got Roberts the ball over the middle and, in a real game, he would have had room to run. I’m going to write more on Roberts in my camp report update at the end of the day. But this was a good job by both receiver and quarterback in terms of recognition and execution.