Washington Redskins' projected roster

Examining the Washington Redskins' roster:

Quarterbacks (3)

Jay Gruden only had two quarterbacks in each of his three seasons with Cincinnati, but Griffin still needs to prove his durability. So nothing has changed since the original posting. If something happened to Griffin, they would still be in good shape with Cousins and McCoy. If they go with two then McCoy gets left off.

Running backs (4)

It's really hard to tell with running backs until the games begin. But, thus far, Chris Thompson has been more impressive than Lache Seastrunk -- though the latter has different speed and flashy moves. I do have a hard time seeing Seastrunk end up being cut so there's a good chance they keep five backs. If Seastrunk has a quiet preseason then they could stash him on the practice squad. Also, Thompson must prove his durability. In the end that will be the deciding factor. Thompson's ability to catch is better at this point, but his pass protection skills are questionable. Seastrunk has to grow here. By keeping four here, the Redskins can go with an extra player at another spot. This means Evan Royster is on the outs, but he doesn’t give the Redskins anything they don’t have in better players. He is insurance only.

Receivers (6)

I still don't think Leonard Hankerson will be ready to start the season on the active roster. I wonder about Robinson, but not the others. While some undrafted free agents have looked good in practice, I learned long ago not to go overboard until you see them in games. Robinson has had a quiet camp in too many regards.

Tight ends (3)

Rookie tight end Ted Bolser had a good day Saturday, or at least a good couple of plays. He looks better than in the spring, which is a good sign. He's still learning the details of blocking, etc., and it could be hard to keep four tight ends this year. Bolser is a good candidate for the practice squad.

Offensive line (10)

In reality, I could see them keeping only nine offensive linemen. At this point it's hard to know which one would be cut. They're not cutting the rookies of course. And LeRibeus looks much better than last summer (working at both guard spots). Compton is a little surprise, but they like him as well and he's looked solid for the most part. I also would be concerned if they needed a backup tackle; not sold that Moses would be ready.

Defensive line (6)

This one is fluid as well because it depends in part on Bowen’s health. I like Chris Neild and so do they, but can they keep him? Golston is more versatile and a key player on special teams, but he’s also 30 and they must get younger at some point. But he still helps in too many ways. Clifton Geathers and Neild will factor in here.

Linebackers (9)

I wasn't going to include Brandon Jenkins this week (easy to say, right?) because he did not take any step up from the spring. Just frustrated the coaches too much. For now I'm going with Jackson, but I don't think that's a lock by any means. Adrian Robinson is one to watch here. The tough call is inside. They really like Will Compton and I think he somehow finds his way onto the roster. But this needs to develop. I think there will be an interesting decision made inside.

Cornerbacks (5)

Chase Minnifield remains eligible for the practice squad and has looked solid in camp. Richard Crawford is coming off a knee injury and needs time to get his game back. The one benefit for Crawford is that he can play in the slot; they need depth at that spot. Breeland has worked there as well however.

Safeties (4)

I did not include Rambo on the original list, but did so now. Why? I haven't seen Trenton Robinson do anything and for now Rambo is working with the second defense. Therefore, I'm going with him for now. Akeem Davis still looks like a practice squader.

Specialists (3)

The Forbath selection is based on never having seen rookie Zach Hocker kick in an NFL game. That's what I said in the original post and nothing has changed. If Hocker is consistent this summer and shows a strong leg, then he can win the job. Thus far he's looked good.