Key points on Marshawn Lynch's fines

RENTON, Wash. -- There has been a lot of confusion over the fines Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is incurring, so here a few of the main points:

As of Tuesday, Lynch was subject to losing 15 percent of his $6 million signing bonus, however, that's on a pro-rated basis per year. So Lynch incurred a $225,000 fine on Tuesday. He can be fined another 1 percent of his bonus per each day he misses going forward, up to 25 percent of the bonus.

Lynch also is subject to a $30,000 fine for each day of camp he misses, which was up to $180,000 as of Tuesday. That’s a total of $405,000 in fines, so far.

Lynch will not lose a regular-season game check for each preseason game he misses, which is the rule now under the collective bargaining agreement. But Lynch signed his contract before that CBA rule went into effect.

The fines add up quickly now, however, all these fines could become a moot point. The fines are at the team's discretion. So if Lynch said he would return to the team as long as all his fines were waived, the Seahawks could agree and he would owe them nothing.