Murray remains at back of Chiefs' QB line

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Quarterback Aaron Murray has come a long way since joining the Kansas City Chiefs in May as a fifth-round draft pick.

"So much farther along," Murray said. "Just to be able to get in the huddle and be able to confidently call a play, that was a task when I first got in. It's a very wordy offense. To get in there and call a play was challenging at first.

"Only a couple of times I've missed a play call so that feels good."

As Murray continues to master the play calling, it's obvious his rookie season is going to be spent as a developmental one. Murray is getting fewer snaps than any of the other three quarterbacks in camp. The priorities for the Chiefs at quarterback have been preparing starter Alex Smith and backup Chase Daniel for the regular season. Another developmental quarterback, Tyler Bray, is ahead of Murray in the quarterback rotation at practice.

That was the Chief's plan for Murray from the beginning. Murray doesn't have a big arm, particularly when compared to that of Bray. When he makes plays, they generally come because of good decision-making rather than raw ability.

But Murray has shown enough that the Chiefs should keep him around. They face an interesting decision about how many quarterbacks to keep -- don't sleep on the possibility they could keep all four -- and which one to set free if they do make a move at the position.

More likely the Chiefs will keep Murray around, on an injured list if not the bottom of their depth chart, when the regular season begins. In the meantime, Murray will get his first chance under game conditions on Aug. 7, when the Chiefs begin their preseason against the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.

"I feel ready," Murray said. "I feel very comfortable with the playbook. I'm excited. First time I get into Arrowhead Stadium and play and first NFL experience. I'm looking forward to it."