Kansas City Chiefs' projected roster

Examining the Kansas City Chiefs' roster:


The Chiefs could go a lot of different directions here. The only certainty is a healthy Smith will start. Daniel, the veteran backup, could be traded if the Chiefs determine that either Bray or their other developmental prospect, Aaron Murray, is ready to be the No. 2. That’s unlikely, so the Chiefs need to determine what to do with Murray. They didn’t draft him to release him. The Chiefs could also keep four quarterbacks, but that's also unlikely. Whatever they do, the Chiefs should keep Bray, who is too talented to turn loose.


There’s room for another player here if the Chiefs believe they need to keep two running backs in addition to Charles and Sherman, the fullback. They needed three in last season’s playoff game in Indianapolis. Thomas is listed as a back and has been getting some work as one, but he’s too small to be an every-down player if that’s what the Chiefs require. So Cyrus Gray, a useful special-teams player, could also stick.


This may be the Chiefs' most interesting position groups when it comes to roster decisions. It appears they have seven serious roster candidates but will keep only six players. I've left Kyle Williams off this roster but don't feel strongly that he won't make it. Williams has played well in training camp. Bowe and Avery are the starters. Hemingway and Jenkins would be the top backups, but they've missed a lot of practice time at training camp because of injuries so their spots aren't necessarily solid. Hammond and Wilson are interesting prospects who have played well at camp.


This position seems set unless an injury changes their plans.


Guard Allen has been playing a lot at tackle, a sign the Chiefs aren't comfortable with their backup options there. So off the bench look for the Chiefs to keep Harris at tackle, Henry and Johnson at guard, Kush at center and Duvernay-Tardif as a developmental prospect.


There’s no need to keep more linemen, not with Poe playing so many snaps and the Chiefs occasionally using only two linemen, and sometimes one.


Maybe the most difficult single decision for the Chiefs will be whether to keep Zombo as a backup instead of Dezman Moses. Moses could claim the job by playing well in the preseason. Nico Johnson, a draft pick last year, may be running out of time.


For the time being, at least, Cooper and Parker are the starters and Smith, their most accomplished cornerback, is running with the second team.


I'm going with McMillian and Bronson as the backups over Daniel Sorensen and Steve Gregory but it's a very close race.


The Chiefs have no fear about going with a rookie, Santos, as their kicker. So he could claim a job over veteran Ryan Succop with a strong preseason.