Texans' Clowney, Johnson, Foster off again

HOUSTON -- While some players such as safety Kendrick Lewis returned to practice today, the Houston Texans remained without several big names.

Receiver Andre Johnson, running back Arian Foster, outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney and cornerback Johnathan Joseph all missed practice on Tuesday. Tuesday's practice was the fifth consecutive practice since the Texans' previous day off. The Texans will be off on Wednesday.

Foster and Johnson have each missed seven practices with soft tissue injuries that coach Bill O'Brien has termed as minor.

"You can’t stop the installation or the flow of the offense just because a couple guys are out," O'Brien said. "It’s important for those guys to stay up to snuff on the mental part of our offense and make sure that they’re understanding what we’re doing out there. That is why they go over there and do their rehab and sprinting and things during our individual and then they come over during team and walk throughs and things like that, and take mental reps.

"One of the things about the NFL is you go into the game with a game plan. You better have a backup plan. No doubt about it. If you go into that game and say something were to happen to Arian or Andre or anybody out there, you’ve got to be ready with either Plan B or some alteration to your game plan. That is really what we try to practice every single day here with what we do.”