Redskins Camp Report: Day 17

RICHMOND, Va. -- A daily review of the hot topics coming out of Washington Redskins training camp:

  • Quarterback Robert Griffin III surprised two cancer survivors by asking them to autograph his cleats. Griffin met the two boys, Evan Washo and Vincent Silver Jr., after practice and when he took off his cleats, he said they thought he was going to give the shoes to them. Instead, he asked for their signatures – and told them he’d send each a pair of cleats in their favorite colors.

  • The emergence of receiver Aldrick Robinson continues to be a big topic, thanks to making some big plays last week in practice against New England and then again in the preseason game Thursday. He hauled in another deep ball from Griffin on Saturday, getting past corner DeAngelo Hall. “He practiced extremely hard all through OTAs and training camp,” Griffin said. “He’s a guy that pops off the screen.” In other words, he shows up a lot on the tape making plays. Robinson has made big plays in past summers, but with the added speed offensively, the Redskins can pair him with other fast wideouts. They can no longer just assume he’ll be the wideout going deep. Consistency, though, has always been his nemesis.

  • The defense might not have faced New England’s best players, notably quarterback Tom Brady. But they still played the way Jay Gruden and the coaches want them to, especially when it came to running to the ball. The Redskins missed few tackles and when they did, there usually was a group of Redskins around the ball to prevent more yards. “It was good pursuit and good all-around football,” Gruden said.

  • The Redskins signed Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith because they aren’t sure how long Ryan Clark will be sidelined with his hamstring injury. Gruden called Clark day-to-day, but by bringing in another safety, they can limit his reps when he does return. Considering Clark is 34, the Redskins would be wise to make sure he gets to the regular season healthy. Hamstring injuries can linger if you’re not careful.

  • Griffin said using mobile tablets for the first time to review pictures of plays during the game was no big deal. Instead of the old snapshots in black and white, they were in color. That, he said, was about it. But Gruden said the tough part for him was that they had to scroll through the pictures going right to left. “It was a little weird,” he said.

  • Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett missed practice to attend a funeral Saturday. The Redskins have two practices Sunday: a full workout at 8:30 a.m. and a walk-through at 4:10 p.m. They have four more scheduled practices open to the public.