Peyton Manning talks about football fantasy

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- No longer a one-hit wonder when it comes to the rap game, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning wasn't quite ready to call himself a professional in that arena.

"I would not say that. I don't think Jay-Z and Kanye West have anything to worry about, let's put it that way," Manning said after practice Tuesday, his first comments since his latest video effort went viral.

His teammates understand Manning's profile in the advertising world, but they have given him the business a bit for Manning's latest DirecTV commercial with his brother Eli. The Broncos even played the soundtrack for the ad, a music video for the network's new fantasy football channel, over the loudspeaker when the team went through its pre-practice stretch.

Peyton and Eli Manning had appeared in a similar video -- "Football on Your Phone" last season. This year the Mannings again shot the video in New Orleans, but each of the quarterbacks brought their offensive linemen along for the ride.

"Eli brought his own outfit," Manning said Tuesday. "It was very disturbing that he had it in his wardrobe. Mine were all props, not sure on the offensive linemen. I think (Ryan) Clady, (Louis) Vasquez, and Orlando (Franklin) had some props as well. We had a good time. We were down in New Orleans, and of course Eli and I any chance we have to be together it's enjoyable, but Eli had three of his offensive linemen as well so you can imagine how many laughs were taken place in between takes on one day deal down there in New Orleans. It was a fun deal."

Asked how the two quarterbacks added some of their teammates to this year's version, Manning said; "They said they wanted some other people in it with you so Eli and I both wanted to bring linemen in there. Orlando has been on me for a while to get him into a commercial. So I thought those guys did a good job, they looked the part, looked tough there, and like I said we had a lot of laughs as well."

"I was happy and thrilled about it," Franklin said. "I didn't really know what was going to be going on. I think they could have made it a bit more funnier. (There were) a lot funnier things when we were videotaping out there in Louisiana."