Eagles Camp Report: Day 13

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A daily review of the hot topics coming out of Philadelphia Eagles training camp:

  • No news was good news for Eagles cornerback Cary Williams. He got through the first practice against the New England Patriots without incident. No brawls, no flagrant trash talking. Williams even had some nice things to say about the Patriots, whom he referred to as “cheaters” last week. “Tom Brady is a wonderful quarterback,” Williams said. “He’s a guy that is definitely a true Hall of Famer. He’s a great leader. Those guys are class acts. I’ve got a lot of respect for this organization, especially the players who play within it. I’ve always had respect for the guys. I just made a statement and that was that.”

  • Williams did give some insight into what ticked him off so much during last year’s sessions with the Patriots. “We were a little bit more prepared this time,” Williams said. “They are professionals, and you’ve got to handle yourself as a professional and practice hard on every play. They gave us a welcome-to-the-NFL type situation when they came down to us. This time, we wanted to return the favor.” Brady looked like Brady, but he didn’t have it as easy as he did last summer, when he seemed to complete every pass against the Eagles defense.

  • The practice session was attended by more than 25,000, according to the Patriots. The stands along one of the two fields were packed, and so were the areas behind the end zones. Fans lined the ramps and railings of Gilette Stadium to watch the practices down below. The Patriots said it was the biggest training camp crowd ever here. There were a few Eagles fans in attendance, but it looked like most of the fans were New England partisans. The crowd was a reminder of what the Eagles gave up when they moved training camp to the NovaCare Complex last year.

  • Nick Foles had a good day. He was on time with his throws. He made a nice throw to LeSean McCoy on a wheel route to the left side. McCoy was in traffic, but Foles threaded the ball into the running back’s hands for a 25-yard pickup. Foles is looking to bounce back from his two-interception performance in the preseason opener in Chicago. “Just trusting my reads,” Foles said of his performance Tuesday. “It’s great going against another team. It’s fun to be out there. It’s a nice switch for us and it’s a nice switch for our defense. It’s a great learning opportunity for us.”

  • The teams have a similar schedule Wednesday, with practice scheduled for 2:15 p.m. However, the weather could be an issue. The forecast calls for thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon. The Patriots have an indoor facility, but it might be tough to fit two full teams in there. If the weather clears in time, the Eagles and Patriots will practice for about two hours Wednesday. They are scheduled to have a lighter workout Thursday in advance of Friday night’s preseason game.