McCoy, Chargers miffed after poor play

San Diego head coach Mike McCoy is not in the excuse-making business.

So even with front-line players like Philip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates, Dwight Freeney, Jarret Johnson and Corey Liuget either playing very little or not at all, McCoy was not willing to take that as a reason for his team’s lackluster performance in a 41-14 manhandling at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on Friday.

“We aren’t going to make excuses here,” McCoy said. “There are no excuses. You have to get them off the field and punt. We didn’t make them punt once, so obviously there’s some breakdowns somewhere [and] lack of communication.

“That tight end down the middle there, they were playing the wrong coverage. Someone heard this and played this, so it’s a breakdown. Against a good team like this, that’s what's going to happen. When 11 guys aren’t on the same page, it’s bad news.”

The Chargers worked this offseason on adding speed and athleticism defensively. But through two games, that has not translated into better performance on the field, as the defense continues to miss tackles, and failed again to generate consistent pressure on the quarterback.

Thin at defensive line, San Diego still has not figured out how to stop the run up front. Execution also remains an issue, as the Chargers dealt with uncharacteristic penalties, had a couple of drops offensively and failed to make any impact plays in the kicking game.

But the most disturbing thing Friday was that San Diego failed to match the intensity of the Super Bowl champs and compete on the same level. Of course, this is a preseason game, and things will be much different when the Seahawks travel to Qualcomm Stadium for the Chargers’ home opener on Sept. 14.

However, if San Diego does not play with more urgency on a consistent basis, the result will be the same.

“They’re Super Bowl champions for a reason and they played like it,” Chargers safety Eric Weddle said after the game. “We wanted to come in and play well. We just didn’t do it. Even though it's preseason, you could say it doesn’t matter. But it does matter in our eyes -- it should matter. We should care.

“We just have to go back to work. That is why we are in there tomorrow [Saturday], it’s still training camp. Have to go and correct our mistakes. We have a lot of guys banged up from it, hopefully no one is injured too seriously. You can’t be happy about the performance.”