Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: Aug. 16

A day-by-day and honest look at Johnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: More of the same inconsistencies. A good deep pass to Andrew Hawkins, another good crossing route to Miles Austin. Then there were bounced throws in the red zone, and an interception across his body in the red zone. Manziel’s least inconsistent moments came in the post-practice media gathering, when he very adeptly and insightfully assessed where he is and where he needs to go. While Manziel sounded like a guy who doesn’t think he’s there yet, it’s tough not to believe he internally is seething to start the opener.

GOOD THROW: The crossing route to Austin was a good throw, with zip. It also showed what Manziel said after -- that in college he could drop back and take a second look to find a receiver. In the pros, he needs to drop, read and throw. Which is what he did on this throw.

BAD THROW: On a rollout right in the red zone, Manziel chose to throw back against his body to the middle of the field. The pass was intercepted by Royce Adams, a second-year defensive back from Purdue.

THE WORD: “I look at this game Monday night as my second game that I've got to play in my career and it's a game where I need to go out and move the ball down the field." -- Manziel, on whether Monday night’s game is crucial.

START CHART: On a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being Manziel certainly starts the opener, we'll take a look at his chances as he goes through camp.