New Raider DE Woodley makes Top 100

In last year’s ESPN.com NFL Top 100 offensive and Top 100 defensive players, the only player to represent the Oakland Raiders was defensive back Charles Woodson.

This year, on the first day of the two-week project, the Raiders have already matched that total. Defensive back LaMarr Woodley is No. 99 on the defensive list based on the opinion of several ESPN voters.

The Raiders signed Woodley, 29, to a two-year deal with a maximum of $12 million in March after he was released by Pittsburgh.

Frankly, I was surprised Woodley made the Top 100. He wasn’t ranked last year and his health and production have been an issue for the past three seasons. He has missed a total of 14 games in the past three seasons.

However, if Woodley plays like a Top 100 defensive player, the Raiders will be thrilled and his signing would be well worth it. There’s no doubt, Woodley has the ability to be the 99th-ranked defender in the league, he just needs to stay healthy to achieve it.