Garrett to change up in-season schedule

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is changing up his team’s in-season practice schedule in 2014.

After using the traditional schedule of having the players off on Tuesdays during the regular season, Garrett will have them off on Mondays instead, after conferring with several coaching staffs, including the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

Chip Kelly and Jim Harbaugh brought these schedules with them to the NFL after coaching at Oregon and Stanford.

“It’s different than anything I’ve ever done,” Garrett said. “It’s kind of the college schedule and there are probably a handful of teams who are using it now. Some guys on our staffs have used it on staffs they’ve been on. I’ve just heard some really positive things from a lot of different people about this schedule. I think everybody initially is like, ‘You’re really doing that?’ because it’s different for everybody who’s been in the NFL. But there are so many positives that come from it that people have argued on its behalf. So we just decided to go ahead and do it.”

The noted 24-hour rule will be extended to 36 hours with the players off on Monday. They can continue to come in for a workout but will not be required to show up at Valley Ranch unless they are injured. The coaches will have more time to examine the previous game instead of being rushed and the preparation for the next opponent will begin with a walk-through on Tuesday afternoon.

The idea is that the coaches and players will have a jump on the upcoming opponent by working Tuesday to Saturday instead of getting a day off in between.

“Everyone I’ve talked to, they’ve really liked the rhythm of it,” Garrett said.