For Dallas offense, lot to prove vs. Dolphins

IRVING, Texas -- The third preseason game is the one most like the regular season, but the Dallas Cowboys have not spent a ton of time game-planning for Saturday’s foe, the Miami Dolphins.

The starters will play more than they did last week against the Baltimore Ravens, but coach Jason Garrett has not revealed the plan for Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray.

Romo said there is a balance between working on specific things for the regular season and not showing too much to tip your hand before the games count.

“You want to have success, but you don’t want to necessarily show everything, so there’s a fine line there,” Romo said. “I know through my own experiences that if you struggle as a unit in the preseason, I just don’t think it gets a lot easier. And it’s kind of like camp. If you’re struggling in camp against your defense, usually that’s a sign that you’re going to have to try to come up with different ways. It doesn’t guarantee you success if you have a successful preseason, but it definitely gives you a better chance for it. If you’re struggling consistently every time, then it isn’t usually very conducive to going out in the regular season and getting easier, so that part of it’s there.”

In two series of work against the Ravens, Romo completed four of five passes for 80 yards and had a touchdown to Bryant. His only incompletion was a drop by James Hanna.

“I thought we played well against Baltimore against a good defense, and since then we’ve had three or four really good, physical practices here,” Witten said. “Ultimately, you want to play well in that last rehearsal for a lot of us and then build on that going on into the season. We know what our expectations are going into the season, so we need to keep developing that, and that confidence comes by how you play.”