Romo talked his way into holding again

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo saw how much trouble kicker Nick Folk and holder Mat McBriar were having, so he decided to offer up his services to special teams coach Joe DeCamillis. And now for the first time since his infamous playoff bobble in January 2007, Romo is the Cowboys' holder.

Romo"When you're coming back to doing something, and something like that happened in the past, you have to be mentally strong and mentally feel as though you can do something at a high level," Romo said. "If I felt like I'm going to suck, I wouldn't be offering up to help in that situation. Hopefully I'm going to be pretty good. If I'm not, I'm not going to be doing it very long or at all."

Romo admitted that he's not particularly looking forward to the new task, but he wanted to do what's best for the team.

"Pops told me one time, 'Leadership is doing what has to be done.'" Romo said, referring to his father, Ramiro.

DeCamillis, who didn't have a lot of options outside of McBriar, was impressed that Romo was willing to offer his services.

"To me, that just shows what a competitor he is and how much he wants to help our team win," said DeCamillis. "He had a bad experience, and he really wants to help us out and help us win games. That's a real pro."

Perhaps this will solve what was becoming a very uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. First of all, there's the part about Folk missing 8 of 24 field goal attempts this season. This is a guy who was deadly accurate his first two seasons in the league. He and McBriar are close friends, so you can imagine the strain it was putting on their relationship.

Folk used to tell me that McBriar's laid-back demeanor on the sideline was a calming influence on him. But since he was named the holder before this season, McBriar wasn't as relaxed. You could see the tension in his face when it was time to attempt a field goal. Now, he can go back to focusing on his specialty, booming punts.