Kicker Cody Parkey gets brief opportunity

PHILADELPHIA – Cody Parkey got the call while he was driving from Indianapolis to Auburn University.

Instead of going back to his college facility to stay loose and continue working out, Parkey was flying to Philadelphia and playing in a preseason game the following night. That’s the life of a young kicker trying to land one of the 32 NFL jobs.

The challenge is almost as daunting now that Parkey is in Philadelphia. He has just a few practice days and one more preseason opportunity to convince Chip Kelly and his staff that he’s better than veteran Alex Henery.

“I had two good games in Indianapolis,” Parkey said Saturday. “I flew in the same day we played the game. I got a few good kicks in that day. I’m just going to take it day by day and try to get better.”

Parkey signed with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent. That meant competing with Adam Vinatieri, one of the best field goal kickers of all time. But it was also an opportunity to learn from Vinatieri.

“He was a great guy,” Parkey said. “I really tried to pick up everything he did that other guys don’t do. To be completely honest, he’s not much different from any other kicker in terms of what he does to warm up. But he does take very good care of his body.”

Parkey is walking into an unusual situation with the Eagles. Henery was a fourth-round draft choice in 2011, an unusually high pick for a kicker. He had been solid through his first couple NFL seasons. Last year, Henery made 23 of 28 field goal attempts during the regular season. He missed a 48-yard attempt in the Eagles’ playoff loss to New Orleans.

Special teams coach Dave Fipp said in June that it was a challenge to find a better kickoff man than Henery who was at least as accurate on field goals. The team brought in Vanderbilt kicker Cary Spear to compete with Henery, but that competition never really materialized. So the Eagles made a trade with the Colts to bring in Parkey.

It will be a short competition.

“Shorter than most,” Parkey said. “But I’m going to make the best of it just like I would anywhere else. Whether I have a week or two days or whatever, I’m going to go out and kick like it could be my last day.”

The urgency for the Eagles ratcheted up when Henery missed a 31-yard field goal try in Thursday night’s preseason game. The regular season is approaching fast, and it’s not the best time to be unsure about who the kicker is going to be.

“You have to do it,” coach Chip Kelly said before Saturday’s practice. “We’ll kick today. We’ll have kicking periods during the week and we’ve got a game to play against the Jets on Thursday. We’ll see what opportunities have a chance to express. You can say I want this guy to have six kicks, but you might not have an opportunity to kick, too. Sometimes that’s out of your hands.

“We’ll go figure it out. There’s nothing else we can do.”