Stephen Jones hopes cut rules will change

ARLINGTON, Texas -- By 4 p.m. ET today, the Dallas Cowboys will need to cut 13 players to reach the NFL's 75-man limit.

If executive vice president Stephen Jones had his way, teams would not have two cuts in the final week of the preseason. He would rather to see teams cut from the 90-man roster limit to 53 players after the final preseason game.

Jones said the subject has been broached by the NFL's competition committee, on which he serves.

"There's reasons but I think ultimately it may go there sooner than later," Jones said.

And those reasons would be?

"Access to players from other teams is something that's probably been out there forever, ‘Hey, don't let people hide players, horde players. Let them have a chance to go somewhere else. Let other teams have access to them.' But in my mind we're not talking about a group of players that are really that meaningful. That's probably a bad word but at the end of the day (not) that sought after. Very meaningful because they could be very helpful in this fourth game. Some people have a very firm feeling that you ought to have these cuts and ought to have access to players and clubs shouldn't be able to hold players. I respect that. Everyone has their own view but think at some point that could change."

In getting from 88 players after cutting defensive end Martez Wilson and fullback J.C. Copeland on Monday, the Cowboys have to weigh who is healthy enough to play in Thursday's preseason finale vs. the Denver Broncos and who is not. As a result, they may have to cut a player they would normally keep at a position of strength in order to have enough players available to play in the game.

Having so many players made available in a short period of time could raise issues after the final cuts, but Jones does not think it would be unworkable.

"There's a lot of mechanics involved in it, and they're legitimate," Jones said. "I don't want to say it's not legitimate but at the end of the day I would be on the side that you ought to cut them at one time. And I think we can work through all the logistics, the physicals and everything that goes with it. But that's one man's opinion and we put a lot of work and a lot of thought process into that and you certainly respect the people you work on the committee with and certainly respect where it might end up in terms of a vote but it wouldn't surprise me at some point if that changes."