Where do insiders rank Dennis Allen?

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- It has not been a great couple of days for the Oakland Raiders on the list front.

Monday, in a poll of NFL players, the Raiders were voted the least desirable team to play for. Tuesday, in an ESPN Insider piece by Mike Sando, 30 NFL insiders ranked the 32 head coaches in the leagueInsider. Oakland coach Dennis Allen is ranked at the bottom.

However, voters pointed out to Sando that Allen's ranking was more about his situation than his coaching abilities. Allen is considered one of the better young defensive coaches in the league.

Here is some of what one voter told Sando: "If you gave him the Colts, he might have been good, too," one executive said. "It is completely unfair to measure him. He has potential. He could be a guy who reemerges 7-8 years from now and becomes pretty good. ... No other new coach would do better there.”

What do you think of Allen’s ranking? Is it deserved or is it just too difficult to win in Oakland? Fill up the comment section below with your thoughts.