LeSean McCoy at No. 8 on NFL Rank list

PHILADELPHIA -- LeSean McCoy has seven spots to go.

The Eagles’ versatile running back led the NFL in rushing and all-purpose yards in 2013, his first season in coach Chip Kelly’s offense. But McCoy landed at No. 8 in ESPN’s NFL Rank project. That left seven players -- including McCoy’s primary quarry, Adrian Peterson -- ahead of him.

So four of those players are Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. One is Jimmy Graham, who had to have his position defined by an arbitrator because he’s so productive. One is so good they just call him Megatron.

In other words, McCoy is clearly in some elite company. But part of what makes him so good is that he won’t be satisfied until he has no company. As long as he’s playing football, McCoy figures he might as well be striving to be the best player there is.

“I really try to see the limitations I have for myself,” McCoy said earlier this month. “Can I go past that? How good could this team be? What can I do to help the team be better? Running the ball, controlling the game, making plays does that. I always try to better my teammates and kind of get going.

“The biggest thing is winning. That’s the main goal. Last year, I was successful and productive, and we still were winning. The main goal is always winning. I just like to have fun with it.”

When the Eagles practice against the Patriots earlier this month, McCoy chatted with quarterback Tom Brady (No. 7!) for a bit one day. It was just a friendly talk, McCoy said, wishing each other luck. That sort of thing. But as the NFL Rank chart shows, it was also a show of mutual admiration from a couple of elite players.

That’s the company McCoy is keeping these days. We can quibble about exactly where he should be, but No. 8 is pretty darn good.