At the half from Indy...

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some halftime thoughts from Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts are delivering a methodic beatdown to Denver and lead 21-7.

  • Nervous moments in the first half when Melvin Bullitt and Dallas Clark got hurt. Maybe those still turn out to be significant, but each returned to action in relative short order. Looks as if they’ll be in line for some rest, if needed, soon.

  • Brandon Marshall's strength and vision make him very good at going side to side in order to gain additional yards. Most of the time when I see a receiver going east-west I am skeptical. With him, not so much. The Colts have played a lot of nickel and even some dime to try to contain Kyle Orton’s options.

  • Charlie Johnson did some effective work early against Elvis Dumervil. I intend to pay more attention to that matchup in the second half.

  • Reggie Wayne is relatively quiet, again, with three catches, nothing longer than 10. It’s not hurting the Colts that they can’t get it to him, again.

  • With a pick of a tipped pass, Brian Dawkins bailed Josh McDaniels out of a poor call to go for it on a fourth-and-one near midfield. The Colts could have squeezed out a field goal there very easily once Denver failed to convert. Indy collects points like that all the time.

  • The Colts have been cleaner, and benefited from a couple of penalties including two 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct calls against the Broncos.