MNF moments, No. 4: 'He did what?'

AP Photo/Mike Roemer

To celebrate the 45th season of "Monday Night Football," a panel of ESPN.com contributors has selected the 45 most memorable moments in MNF history. Follow along as we reveal one per day and count down to this season's MNF debut.

No. 4: Packers 26, Vikings 20, OT | Nov. 6, 2000

It was a long shot for the Green Bay Packers to even be in a position to win this game against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a rainy, windy night at Lambeau Field, and the conditions helped lead to a major miscue at the end of regulation.

The Vikings lined up for a 33-yard field goal with less than 10 seconds remaining but botched the snap. Instead of spiking the ball and getting another opportunity, Vikings punter Mitch Berger threw an interception to send the game into overtime.

The Packers would get the ball first, and that's when wide receiver Antonio Freeman made his improbable catch, a catch so wild that Al Michaels, the man who called the "Miracle on Ice" game at Lake Placid, New York, in 1980, was left asking, "He did what?" following the play.

Who could blame him? Vikings corner Chris Dishman deflected the pass twice. The ball somehow settled on Freeman's shoulder before his slight turn of the body popped it up, and then the receiver tipped it closer to himself before finally making the catch. All he had to do after that was avoid a tackle from safety Robert Griffith and run another 15 yards for the score.

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