McNabb on Jackson

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was asked after the game if DeSean Jackson reminds him of anyone in the league. He pretty much said that Jackson's created his own niche.

"You try not to compare him to anyone," McNabb said. "He wants to make a name for himself and rightfully so. I think he separates himself from the others. I had the opportunity to play with a guy like Marvin Harrison and he was an explosive player. Obviously, T.O. was an explosive player, but that kind of takes credit away from [Jackson] when you try to compare him to someone else. I think the things he's able to do, he hasn't really displayed everything and that's the positive thing about it for all of us to be a part of. To see the fact that you just see glimpses of it. If it's him catching the ball, the punt return, if it's him catching the ball on a 15-yard route and turning it into 25-30. The sky is the limit for him as well as the other guys."

As I say in my column that will be posted soon, I think Jackson has become the most explosive player in the league. What do you guys think?