Faulk says Patriots vulnerable all along

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk didn't sidestep the question.

He admitted the big, bad New England Patriots -- commonly projected to win the Super Bowl this year -- are vulnerable.

And that's not just lately. Faulk claimed they've been susceptible all along.

"It's funny," Faulk said about the recent media scrutiny the Patriots have drawn, "because it doesn't even matter because before all of this was said or before all of this was done, we were all of that.

"We were vulnerable. We were beatable. But it's just that guys weren't talking about it."

Faulk talked about it on a conference call with Western New York reporters in advance of Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills in Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Patriots have lost three of their past five games.

"Now that we've lost a few games, guys are talking about it," Faulk said. "Everybody is going to lose a few games. It's football. It's professional football. You are going to have your teams where some are great through the course of the year, like the Saints and the Colts this year. But everybody can't beat us."

Faulk was asked if he considers the Patriots vulnerable even after beating the Carolina Panthers on Sunday to prevent a three-game losing streak.

"By the way we're playing? Yes. By the way we are playing as a football team, yes, we are vulnerable.

"I think that's why you practice each and every day, to get better at the things you're not good at."

Vulnerable with a one-game lead in the AFC East and three games to play is not the best position for a team to be in. How do the Patriots intend to separate themselves?

"Whatever we have to do," Faulk said. "Whatever you have to do as a football player, as a football team to win a football game, that critical possession, that critical moment in the game, whatever it is, you have to be better than that guy you're lined up across from."